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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

British men the most unromantic in the world

...according to a report in the papers today. Well no surprises there for most of us, eh girls?

The report says that while most men assume that being romantic means spending money on big gestures, actually women prefer unprompted romantic acts. Being brought a cup of tea in bed, or having a bath run for us after a hard day.

The paper carried a list of the top 10 romantic gestures, and J noted that he hasn't done any of them.

He has improved on the gift buying front. His presents (unsolicited) in the past have included a washing line, a peg bag (sounds like a theme developing) and a garden spade. But last year I was stunned when he brought back a handbag for me from Faro which he chose himself. It looks very designer-y and gets lots of compliments. And recently he bought me a DVD player which was a nice surprise, although it clears his conscience when he watches Sharpe and Hornblower because he knows I can watch a film upstairs now.

J is very good at is working through a list. A few Christmasses ago, I gave him a list of suggested things to buy me. I was amazed when he bought all of them. He still gets emails from The Glitter Pot where I sent him to pay crafting stash.

I suggested tearing out the "top 10 of romantic gestures" so he could refer to it, but his muttered response was something akin to "poke it" so I'm not expecting any cups of tea in bed or flowers sent to work anytime soon.

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