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Saturday, July 18, 2009

There goes summer

I bet they're a bit anxious at the Met Office. Having predicted a heatwave this summer, the terrible reality of July is probably evoking memories of the time when they said we wouldn't have much wind and then the country was flattened by what seemed like a hurricane.

June was lovely, yes, but July has reverted to form. In the midst of one of our normal summers, the type where you remember with nostalgia "May 21", a US colleague said to me: "But how can you stand it?".

I pondered on this. Being British the weather is something you get used to; it's a cross we have to bear. I am never really optimistic about the weather. So many times I have wanted good weather and it disappoints. My wedding day. The two occasions we went to a picnic concert. The first hotel holiday I had as a child, in Bournemouth (just one sunny day). And snow at Christmas? As rare as hen's teeth.

So when I go abroad for summer sun, I expect, nay demand! sunshine. It's what thrills me the most on the first day, looking out at a perfect blue sky. We have always had wonderful weather on holidays abroad, except for this year, when, in Mallorca, the first three days started off cloudy and chilly. I was beside myself! J was very phlegmatic as we sat on the terrace looking at the rain. To him it didn't matter if we were reading our books in the sun or on the hotel verandah in the rain. And fortunately the sun came out in the afternoon and it was just the first three days.

Let's hope it picks up here soon, for the sake of all those people who are "staycationing". I have decided to wing it as far as a picnic concert is concerned. I haven't booked yet but if it's nice on August 1 we may well go Back To the 80s at Audley End.

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