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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back from Alicante

We're baaaack! The chill breeze hit us at Stansted; it took an hour to clear the airport and then the Strictly Come Dancing line-up announcement compounded my gloom. It was only lightened by a trip to Sainsburys and some good old British nosh (before going back on the diet and Nutracheck tomorrow, of course.)

So. The three day "last chance for the sun" break in Alicante, Spain. I'm a bit like Bridget Jones with the old mini breaks. I love to have a short break at the end of August just before the weather goes pear shaped (but that happened some time ago this year.)

I was pleasantly surprised by Alicante. I had visions of skyscraper hotels, British lager louts and big signs saying fish and chips. There were a few skyscraper hotels but not much evidence of the last two. Alicante turned out to be an elegant town with pleasing architecture, and much cheaper than the resort we stayed in back in June on Mallorca. There were a few ghastly eateries on the promenade but at night the narrow streets were festooned with tables and there was much eating of paella among Spanish families.

Our hotel, Hospes Amerigo, was superb. Picture at the top shows John outside. It was elegant and tucked away in front of ancient fortifications and an old church. This was the view (below.)

One of the highlights of the day was the foot wash on the beach. Heaven! And I managed to find some postcards with girls wearing real fabric dresses, so I imagine these will be cut up and used in my crafting somewhere along the line....

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