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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bad service from Autoglass

I always thought that when your windscreen got shattered, Autoglass would be round in a flash to fix a new one. How silly of me.
Poor service from Autoglass
This is the view from my windscreen.
It's not great, or am I over reacting as a hysterical female? Because a bored young man at Autoglass, who hadn't seen it, was very dismissive yesterday as I tried to get them to set up a third appointment with some degree of urgency.

I explained the damage was quite bad - more than "just a crack" as he put it, and it wasn't great that I have had to drive 600 miles with it. "It's laminated" he kept saying. Yes I know that, but if it is on the driver's side and you have to peer over the top of a series of cracks, it could affect your vision.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the sorry tale.

A week ago, I was on the M25 in the evening when I saw a speeding van throw up a large stone from its back wheels. It hurtled straight towards me, and, on the driver's side and right in front of my face. Bit of a shock I can tell you.

I rang Autoglass the next day (I have to use them under the company scheme.) They had to order the windscreen and would fit it the following day.

Unfortunately, and this was my fault, I had wrongly said the windsceeen had a rain sensor so the Walthamstow branch turned up with the wrong windscreen. The guy said they were fully booked the next day (Sat) but he would try to fit me in if I dropped the car down. Alas this was not possible. J was not available to do the conveying - and their depot was miles away in an industrial estate- and I had to make a trip to Lewisham hospital.

On Monday I made an another appointment, this time in Swindon where I was working for a couple of days. Again, another delay to order the windscreen (which surprises me as it's a very common model of car and their web site claims 24 hour service). To cut a long story short, I was told they would come between 1 - 4pm the following day and it would take an hour, plus an hour afterwards where I needed to let it dry.

By 3, when they hadn't turned up and it was raining, I wearily rang to rearrange and was told quite shirtily the appointment had been from "1 to 6pm". It hadn't, because when it takes you three hours to drive home, there's no way I would have agreed to that.

They then had to contact the Walthamstow outfit to make another appointment. Quite possibly piqued because I didn't go there on Saturday, they said they couldn't do it for THREE DAYS. This is when the bored young man was quite rude and dismissive of damage he had not seen. He didn't seem to think it an issue that by the time they finally fit the new windscreen in Swindon on Friday, I will have driven 800 miles and suffered a cracked windscreen for 9 days.

No doubt because they're used by fleet maintenance companies, Autoglass think the complaints of one individual mean nothing. Well, here's my report, and to optimise it for SEO I have mentioned Autoglass and poor service several times so that the search engines pick it up.

That's the great thing about the Internet. Power to the people!

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