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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In praise of The Hotel Inspector

J was fiddling around with the Sky box and announced he had deleted The Hotel Inspector because there was a conflict.
I nearly fell off my chair.
My most favourite programme of the week! It gets recorded twice just in case of mishaps.
When Alex Polizzi took over from the formidable Ruth Watkins, I had Sore Misgivings to quote Mrs Fussey in Carry On Camping. It took her a series to "bed in" but now she can destroy a hapless hotelier at 10 paces, simply with one of her scathing looks.
The premise of the show is very simple: hotel inspector visits shabby, run-down and/or cluttered with junk hotel, finds heinous crimes ("man wee" carpet stains), tells hapless hoteliers what they need to do, and comes back to see if they've taken any notice. Usually a secret hotel inspection is involved to gain them some tourist board stars, or they hold a party to celebrate their new look.
What makes it so entertaining is the high quality production. I love the music. There's 'sad' music which plays when the hotelier talks tearfully about having sunk all their cash into the hotel and now it's going to have to close. And there's powerful "danger ahead" music, played just before the break.
Recently, in a programme about Blackpool, the owner's wife was extolling the virtues of the place and said "what is it that Blackpool hasn't got?" While this was going on, we were seeing scenes from Blackpool and as she asked what it hasn't got, a shot of a gift shop called "A Touch of Class" came on screen. Genius.
Do catch it if you can - I believe there are only 2 episodes left. Mondays at 9pm on 5.

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