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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Blogger bitten by fish

We're back from our Greek honeymoon, two blissful weeks spent in Rhodes. We were in Rhodes two years ago but this time were on the north eastern side of the island at a place called Kolymbia. Having ascertained it was a dreadful village built for tourists we upgraded to all inclusive at our luxurious resort hotel, and it was well worth it.

The sunbathing was perfect with a choice of spotless beach (it was awarded the Blue Flag while we were there), immaculate lawns or the lagoon shaped swimming pool.
The Blue Flag arrives (John saw it coming ashore in a boat, as if it was the Olympic torch)

We went on the obligatory trip to Rhodes Town, the oldest still inhabited medieval town in Europe, and didn't bring back one tacky souvenir. Result!

And the fish in the headline were tiny Garra Rufa fish. For 15 euro you could plunge your feet into their tank and enjoy the pleasant sensation of tiny fish kisses as they allegedly sucked your hard skin away. I say "allegedly" because my feet didn't look any different afterwards, but the owner said there's a big difference after three sessions. And he was a born salesman. Interestingly there's an article in today's Times about the first London salon offering these natural pedicures. Price is £45.

The fish have a nibble
The beach
Happy honeymooners

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