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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Variety is the spice of life

It's been the most amazing, informative and varied fortnight.
It started with a few days in our Prague office. An evening of beer tasting fed my curious mind with all sorts of nuggets about top and bottom fermented beers.
I then hot footed it to Oxford, where we were a sponsor of TEDGlobal. This is a week-long conference, attended by people with a hunger for knowledge. The university stream presented speakers from all walks of life and gave them seven minute slots. Perfect! Seven minutes is just enough to share the idea and it's not long enough for death by Powerpoint. I'm going to champion this at work. The longer sessions were panel discussions with very diverse speakers and topics. And I must mention the goody bag. Absolutely awesome, everything you need for your physical and intellectual needs: eg the Bobble water bottle; an umbrella (how pessimistic!), David Attenborough's Life dvd set and some gizmos including a worldwide sim card and wifi adaptor.
One of the pitches I enjoyed most was about the hurdy-gurdy, because although I vaguely knew it was some sort of musical instrument, it had never really crossed my consciousness.
Then on Friday the Creators project began. This is a collaboration with my company and Vice and it's aimed at young people. The two-day event in London featured amazing installations, music and dance. Now I didn't go yesterday - I went to a wedding - but at the press preview on Friday it was great to see how excited our younger team members (under the age of 24) all looked.
Today it was back to more mundane pursuits: gardening, the roast dinner, and bowing to J's whim of dashing off to Comet just before closing to look at TVs.

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Anonymous said...

Hadn't come across the 'waterbobble', have to say, I think it's another gimmick - what's wrong with re-using plastic cups/bottles - pretty much all our tap water world wide is drinkable - when I lived in Munich, the town council went to great lengths to promote their tap water as better than bottled. And the fact that the bobble 'stores' all the so-say 'nasties' that it's removed, sorry, not convinced!!!!