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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Extreme Car Cleaning

If, like me, you thought that car washing involves a bucket of water, some turtle wax and maybe a chamois, think again.

It seems there is a whole "car detailing", or extreme car cleaning, movement on the web, where, for example, the cleansing properties of detergent are discussed in minute detail.

J was mysterious about the big box that arrived for him this week. "It's my stash" he muttered. "Stash" is usually used in reference to my crafting supplies.

Anyway, here are the contents of the box: everything he needs to clean a car.

Assorted mitts and soft towels (one with pockets: who knows why); sprays; unguents and suds. A hose pipe and a power cleaner are essential. Buckets are not de rigeur.  

My car was then put through its paces with J administering something called "snow foam" which is left for a few minutes and is then rinsed off, leaving the vehicle pristine.

My car under the snow foam
It seems a harmless enough hobby, albeit expensive: his box of stash cost £160. I will never have to face the bare knuckle ride that is the car wash ever again (will the heater thing lift up in time or will it crash through the windscreen?).


Anonymous said...

My neighbor washes his car every weekend. Yes, it's a hobby.

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

It's amazing how one person's hobby is another person's, "huh?" I just let the dirt, bird poop, tree sap and road salt build up on the car until the original color is unrecognizable. Then I wash.... maybe.

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