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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let down by The Stig

The recent unmasking of Top Gear's The Stig, by none other than The Stig himself, has made me quite irritable.

Why couldn't an investigative journalist have revealed the identity of the hit TV show's mysterious racing driver?

But instead, as if the hefty £££s involved in being a driver to the BBC weren't enough, The Stig - former Formula 3 driver Ben Collins - has to write a book about his Top Gear years, to ruthlessly fleece his employer.

Former employer, probably, as the BBC doesn't like its Stigs to be known  (there have been two so far.) The BBC even tried to tried Collins to court, but as the Sunday Times' 10 page Stig Special today shows, they were unsuccessful.

I'm not falling over myself to read the revelations. I daresay The Stig was the most talented driver of his generation but somehow thwarted from making the step to Formula 1. There's probably some sob story about injury or not being in the right place at the right time, but ending up having the last laugh by competing against celebs like Cameron Diaz and former racing drivers like Damon Hill (whom we all hoped was The Stig.)

I hope Collins enjoys his cash.

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