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Sunday, November 28, 2010

(Another) Amazing Lunch: The Ledbury

The Ledbury is a Michelin two star restaurant in Notting Hill, London. Chef Brett Graham started cooking in a simple fish restaurant in Newcastle, Australia, aged 15.After moving to Sydney for three years, he came to the UK and was Young Chef of the Year in 2002. The Ledbury was awarded a Michelin star in its first year, and the two stars it now has are well deserved.

Quite simply, the food is sublime!

Such amazing textures and depth of flavours. My starter of Ceviche of Hand Dived Scallops with Seaweed and Herb Oil, Kohlrabi and Frozen Horseradish danced and sang in my mouth. There was a wonderful explosion of taste and texture, with the gently thawing horseradish and the delicate aniseed flavour of the seaweed. Quite extraordinary.

Stop the Pigeon
My main course was Poached Breast and Confit Legs of Pigeon with Cevennes Onions, Foie Gras and Liquorice. The confit legs arrived on a separate plate, artfully arranged on twigs.  Now I don't normally eat offal, but the pigeon heart and foie gras, on the skewer, were so melting and delicate I would happily have devoured a flock of pigeons.
The Pigeon's confit legs
We sampled the cheese trolley before the dessert. Excellent selection of cheeses and none of that "washed in wine" nonsense. I navigated around the minefield that is a Goat Alert, although I did partake of the goat with the chef's amuse bouche, but fortunately it was very mild and not too goaty.

My dessert was Brown Sugar Tart with Muscat Grapes and Stem Ginger Ice Cream. The ginger of the ice cream was so piquant against the sweetness of the tart. A marriage made in heaven.

I would happily return to The Ledbury. Superb service, a lady Sommelier, and a beautiful room. What more could you ask for? I would put it on a par with Gidleigh Park (but more experimental), and infinitely better than the over-starred Le Manoir Quat'Saisons.


Buggles Balham High Road said...

I want to eat at The Ledbury. The two plates of pigeon looks wonderful. How clever to use all the bird(s) in such an adventurous way.

I always go for scallops as a first course if they are there as a choice.

We were in Devon last week and had dinner in a pub with a restaurant. The menu told us that The Chef had worked in a Michelin kitchen. I'm sure this was true but it didn't mean he'd cooked in one. Maybe he was the Porter or a Cleaner.

So my main course was Pork Cooked Two Ways. A little pot of a pork stew and then a bit of slow cooked pork belly. It was awful. The whole plate of food was brown. It said it was served with Bubble and Squeak. No it wasn't. The Bubble and Squeak was some Smash potato with some green bits added. I can buy a ready meal of slow cooked pork belly from Tesco for a few pounds that ate better.

My experience belittles the honour the Chef at The Ledbury earned.

You didn't mention the price. But no matter what it cost it would have been better value than my plate of brown food in Devon.

Maggie May said...

Food! That looks really delicious. Oh....... wish I didn't have this haitus hernia. I suffer for eating delicious food.
Maggie X

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