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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Elizabeth Hurley Diet

I am on what I call the Elizabeth Hurley diet. I am not eating the same things as La Hurley, although there has been a fair bit of intelligence about how she keeps her trim figure. A few raisins; tea plates instead of dinner plates, and trips to Holland & Barrett for "detox supplies" is what I have gleaned.

No, what I mean by the Elizabeth Hurley diet is that when I want to be tempted and eat something, I think: "would Elizabeth do that?" The answer is invariably No, because she's always getting in shape for another bikini shoot (even though she says every year she's getting too old).

I find it works a treat!

If you don't empathise with Hurley, you could perhaps try the Kate Moss diet. This centres around her statement: "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels."

Any other tips?

1 comment:

Valerie said...

I'm guessing La Hurley wouldn't have been face down in that plate of wild boar with cacao as I was last night. SO ... I just added a little extra walking to my day. Thin is nice, but my God - you live once, and there are so many great things to put in our mouths! (I mean good things - not junk food, of course.) LOVE the header, by the way!