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Monday, November 29, 2010

Strictly Come Dancing:The voting has gone to pot

Erin Boag was aghast on  Twitter and so was I. Scott Maslen's zombie-like performance, complete with errors, managed to score some nines from the judges. Er, hello? Surely that's like saying "ok Ann, you did all the steps - albeit badly - so let's give you nine points for trying."

I've never seen such a blatant case of favourtism. Compare that to the reception given to Matt Baker's superb dream sequence with the ghostly and ethereal Aliona Vilani. Struggling to find fault, the judges criticised his facial expressions.I couldn't understand, and nor could many on Twitter, why he didn't score any tens.

Frankly if Scott is struggling to manage SCD with EastEnders, then he shouldn't have taken on both. I'm getting tired of the constant references to his exhaustion. Get over it or get out.

I was hoping the petulant Gavin would be shown the door last night but instead Patsy went. And she had been expecting to go right from the start. Gavin seems in constant denial. After telling us all how he hated the jive,  and then performing it as if he hated it, he then accused the judges of under-scoring it. He wasn't sitting where we were. Craig was quite right when he said Gavin was now challenging Ann Widdecombe.

Ann has clearly nailed her colours to the mast (the Titanic's) by saying she intends to make it to the final, and win. Poor Anton is in two minds now. He's always wanted to claim the glitter ball, but with Widdy?

Lest we all think the lady is a soft cuddly marshmallow granny, let me remind you that she denies climate change, opposes abortion, women priests and equal rights for homosexuals.

I'm hoping the final will feature Matt and the divine Pamela, and no doubt Widdy will be there as well. It is, a psychologist opined this week, the public getting their own back at stuffy judges.


Anonymous said...

Love your review and I do hope Matt and Pam make the final. I was shocked at how badly Matt and Aliona were treated.

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Scott danced as if he actually wanted to be voted out. He was in my favourites at the start of the series but not now.

Yes, Matt's dance was exquisite and to be criticised for his face made no sense.

I also liked Patsy and sorry to see her go instead of Gavin.

Pamela gives such joy as she dances and should be in the final with Matt.

But I do like watching Kara dance. Anyway-I agree with everything you say about Ann and can imagine you watching it at the same time as us and having the same conversation.

Anonymous said...

We have to stop taking it seriously or we'll all burst a blood vessel! I am fed up of Widdy now - who on eart is actually voting for her - and never mind the travesty that was Matt & Aliona, why do we have to pretend that the results show is filmed on Sunday? Same old audience in same old clothes, even if Tess has changed her dress! And why can't Bruce be bothered to hang around for the results? It was so much better when the bottom 2 were in adance off and the judges decided. Shambles, that's all it is - can't stop watching it though ;-) Lucy

Maggie May said...

The problem is...... that its so compulsive!
It does get sillier by the moment but I still cannot switch the box off!
Some really good people have been booted off and Ann is still there. She has pluck though, no matter what her personal views are. I did sense that Anton is a tad embarrassed lately!
Maggie X

Nuts in May