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Friday, May 04, 2012

PE Traumas

Me aged 11
I couldn't find the photo of me
with a hockey stick
There was a report this week that said many women are put off exercising for life because of the trauma of PE/PT at school.

I don't believe it. They're put off because it's BORING.

My friends won't be surprised to know I was never very sporty at school. My set rather looked down on the sporty ones. It wasn't cool to perspire, throw things or brandish sticks.

I wasn't complete rubbish but I couldn't really be bothered. I never gave 100%. I was punished for this in every double PE class. The teacher would choose two captains and ask them to name their team, one girl at a time. I was always third to last  (there were two girls worse than me).

Ironically, on the one occasion I was chosen to be a captain and name my squad, I decided I'd go for gold and selected all the girls who were sporty. My non-sporty friends were horrified, still left at the back. But I wanted a bit of a glory for a change.

I had a memorable disaster in hockey when I was about 12. My chosen position was left wing because I found I could run up and down a lot, looking busy, but without actually doing very much. Well, on this occasion someone raised their stick and hit me in the mouth. I had to have two stitches, and got told off by the awful cookery teacher for taking my unwashed bloodied face into her pristine kitchen in search of the Dettol.

Netball was never great, you need to be as tall as Meadowlark Lemon. And don't you think those little vests with "GA" and "WA" on them look really silly? 

Anyway, lest you think I was a couch potato, when I was a kid I would be out playing until dusk: turning a skipping rope, skipping, cycling, making a den or er....fighting.

My school experiences didn't put me off exercise. I just find it very BORING. I've tried running. I have a peculiar gait: I'm told I run on tip toes. Once you know that, it puts you off. I'm sure everyone's having a snigger at my expense. I have an expensive gym membership, but I seldom go. I like yoga but there's only one class that works for me, time-wise. I like swimming and aqua, but swimming hats don't keep my hair dry and I don't want to ruin my highlights.

All excuses, I know. I could go on. I've tried Bodypump but my knees aren't up to all the squats. I'm too un-cordinated for aerobics, step, etc. I'm still doing my grapevine while everyone else is at the other end of the room doing something with their arms as well.

Sometimes I say to myself that I just need to man up and put some time in on the aerobic machines. I find them hideously BORING, even when I'm listening to music or watching the TV. I can just about tolerate 10 minutes on one machine. The theory is that I then do 10 minutes on the next. How it usually works is that I do 10 minutes and then sneak off to the weights. Because I really like lifting the weights! It's not too arduous and you get results fast.

And then I can reward myself with the sauna and jacuzzi (provided it isn't full of men ----- nothing on earth will induce me to get in, if it is).

How was your sporting life at school, and what's it like now?


Trevor said...

As a young lad at school I didn't enjoy PE or seemed that you were expected to like football and cricket but I didn't I hated them.
I used to hide in the showers to avoid having to play these games.
I was always more interested in 'fringe' sports such as mountaineering...cycling...rowing etc.
After leaving school I climbed in the Himalayas and have walked the length of the Andes and continue to be interested in those types of sport.
I have also cycled throughout my distance touring...audax etc.
I still hate football and cricket though.!!


Bill Blunt said...

I hated sports at school - had no facility whatsoever, with all-round poor hand-eye co-ordination. I enjoy walking, and my bike gets half a dozen serious outings a year. I'm not even much of a spectator, although I like to listen to a good footie match on the radio while having a bath...

lucylastic said...

I was an avid netball player well into adult-hood - Intel put an end to it - as I had to travel a lot of the time and couldn't commit to be available for training, matches etc - I miss it still - great fun and a brilliant way to stay/keep fit. Lucy

Maggie May said...

I hated sports at school. When I chose to go to hockey, I only did it because I hated history even more and we missed history through doing hockey.
Maggie X

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