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Friday, March 05, 2010

64/365: I go to the register office

Ha, I bet that had you going! No we didn't sneak off for a secret wedding but had to present ourselves to the local registrar to complete some paperwork. J had to answer the questions on me and I had to answer the questions on him. It made me think of the film "Green Card," but fortunately the registrar didn't ask J to name my brand of face cream.

After producing numerous documents we were done. Rather like posting the banns, the registrar now posts our intention to marry on his noticeboard and in a couple of weeks I can collect the permit to use On The Day when we get properly married in June in Westminster.

J was being a bit shifty about taking photos so he only took one of me and as you can see, I have my eyes shut. Tsk tsk J!

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