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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

68/365: Top speed 1000 miles an hour

We had another webcast today at work as we introduced employees to Project Bloodhound, the next attempt on the world land speed record, currently held by GB (hurrah.)
The photo shows Richard Noble, project director and a former record holder. My company, Intel, is IT provider to the attempt which has the full backing of the UK govt as an iconic project that will increase interest in STEM projects (science, technology, engineering and maths.)

I could see that the audience was gripped by the idea of a car powered by a combination of fighter plane and rocket engines that will ultimately attempt 1,000 miles an hour in the South African desert. The driver has to have a unique physionomy that will withstand the terrific G force and the risk of blackout.

Our support of the initiative, which is backed by companies including Rolls-Royce and Lockheed Martin, originated from one employee's passion for the subject. He got the backing of others and it snowballed into us becoming IT provider which includes hosting the website (potentially 30 million hits in a month), providing the server cluster for the CFD, Atom processors for the cockpit and providing the hardware for the IT office. It's also a great platform for our education initiatives and links very well to our brand campaign, Sponsors of Tomorrow.

A very exciting project and one that everyone in the UK and beyond will certainly be hearing a lot more about. Check it out here:

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