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Sunday, May 09, 2010

128/365: The asparagus season

Three of my favourite things were on the shelves when I did the shopping: British asparagus, Jersey Royals and scented British stocks.

I was a relatively late convert to asparagus - it was only a few years ago that I made it a New Year's resolution to try some. I like it steamed and sprinkled with lemon and parmesan.

When I lived in Germany I found the Germans go completely bonkers over spargel as they call it. Restaurants have special spargel menus and along the roadside, spargel honesty boxes appear. Their asparagus is white though and to my mind not quite as tasty.

My mum and I adore stocks. The smell is so heavenly you want to eat them. They will definitely be featuring at The Nuptials.

And "JRs" as we call them are sublime in salads and roasted.

Any special recipes for asparagus or JRs?

To heighten my enjoyment and anticipation of this wonderful trio,  I only buy them when they're in season from these shores.

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