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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brassed Off

When I was young the five sure Signs of Ageing were:
1) Getting a mortgage
2) Wearing slippers
3) Irrational happiness at the idea of a cup of tea and a sitdown;
4) Perusing seed catalogues
5) Listening to brass bands

I now own up to all five, having today overcome my aversion to the brass band, previously sullied by Terry Wogan and the floral dance.

I was enthralled by the The Black Dyke Colliery Band on Aled Jones' show this morning.

The mournful timbre of the brass band is all the more evocative now as I recall the deserted mines and the dashed hopes of families mainly in the north and Wales. The brutal closure of the mines was one of the worst atrocities of the Thatcher government.

Check out the Black Dyke band at their website and on Spotify. You'll be pleasantly surprised, unless you're still young enough to be appalled by any of the Five Signs.

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