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Friday, May 28, 2010

Daring squirrel raider

More four-legged fun in the garden, this time involving a squirrel.

This cheeky Sciuridae had scampered up the bird feeder post (somehow) and released the nuts. It was then frantically gathering its bounty and hiding them under a tree.

Molly was somewhat nonplussed by the intruder and sat watching. When the squirrel had gathered every last nut, she went sniffing around where it had been, trying to find out what had obsessed it so.

I was lying on the floor in the lean-to poking the camera through the cat flap in a bid to get some photos without scaring the squirrel away.

This post is dedicated with love to the crew at Squirrel Net, who have been following me on Twitter since my post "Squirrel bites blogger".

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