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Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday fun: the dining challenge

I am an inveterate list maker, and not just prior to going to Sainsburys. Life is so much easier when everything is on a list.

In my head I'm always making up lists. My top 10 favourite songs, books, dinner party guests, films, gripes, you name it.

I've been mulling over who I would invite to a dinner party. I'm thinking of people alive and present, not the deceased, although I would probably have a list for that too (Anne of Cleeves, Rasputin, Leonardo, Liberace, Van Gogh etc).

I'd be looking for a combination of wit, intelligence and gossip, maybe with a little controversy. I would invite:

1) Jonathan Ross - I imagine he would be excellent if conversation flagged. He's always got something to say.
2) David Bowie. As Ross is in awe of DB, his presence would stop JR dominating proceedings. Plus he's an interesting cove in his own right (ie my idol since 1972 but that's by-the-by)
3) Princess Stephanie of Monaco. She's just fabulous. I'd love to hear about life at the circus and who she's dating now (I think she's between husbands).
4) Carol McGiffin. She was married to Chris Evans at one time, and is now on "Loose Women" on ITV. Very forthright. We often have the same standpoint. For example: Robbie Williams going into rehab? He's got everything - he should just pull himself together and stop being so self pitying.
5) Rupert Everett. I loved his autobiography. HIs anecdotes would be very droll.
6) Stephen Fry: I imagine he and Rupert could be a scream together.
7) Carol Vorderman: well we all love her.
8) Marguerite Patten: she's such an interesting lady and would have such great stories about austerity in the war, powdered egg and so on.
9) Michael Jackson. Would be interesting to see the real man. And I would ask him about his nose and whether or not he saw Jermaine on CBB.
10) Naomi Campbell. If all else fails she could always start a fight....

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