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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Those M&S changing room mirrors

I'm glad to see that former (and still aspiring) politician Robert Kilroy-Silk is keeping his finger on the pulse of the big issues of the day. He's apparently written to Stuart Rose at Marks & Spencer claiming that the women's changing room mirrors give an unfairly flattering aspect (yes flattering).

I was pretty gobsmacked at this because I distinctly recall an incident involving myself, an M&S changing room, two pairs of trousers and a mirror, just before Christmas. Suffice to say, they must be skimping on fabric these days and the trousers went unbought.

I was going to write to Mr Rose myself (I think we could enjoy a flourishing correspondence) to urge him to improve the changing rooms: to provide more flattering mirrors and less harsh lighting.

Mr Kilroy-Silk's data seems to be anecdotal, and therefore not robust: his wife and "some of our friends" claims the mirrors are flattering. So what? They buy the clothes and find they hate them when they get home? Big deal - take them back.

I'd suggest to Mr Kilroy-Silk that he takes up some more important issues. How about today's report that the UK is at the bottom of a Unicef league table showing that our kids have the worst life in Europe (and even the US), and that our poverty levels are worse than countries we often look down on - Greece, Czech Republic, Poland. That's a far more substantial issue.

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David Airey said...

Here here Gail.

If true, I completely agree. Some politicians take liberties with what they feel deserves undue attention.

Is that really so about the nation's kids having the worst outlook/life? Hmmmm. Maybe I should reconsider that move to NZ.