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Monday, February 19, 2007

Poor old Britney

I'm normally the first to sigh and say that celebs going into rehab should pull themselves together. But, unusually, I feel some pity - and understanding - for Britney Spears. Firstly, the poor girl is the subject of every tawdry daytime TV show in the UK today, and no doubt many others across the world. They're all analysing why she shaved off her hair and is she close to a breakdown. The reality is, Britney just wants to be left alone, but every thing she does is reported and commented on.

Even if she announced she was retiring, she'd still be photographed going to the supermarket or falling out of a cab. The headlines would just get more derogatory.

I'm sure many women can empathise with the hair thing. It's quite common to cut your hair off after a relationship ends. Britney's is a more desperate act. She was defined by her long blonde hair. She rejected that, dyed it brown. But it still didn't work. Now she shaves it off, to stop stylists fiddling with it and giving her hair extensions (a very tedious business, believe me - I had extensions back in the year 1999 before they were trendy!).

It seems to me Britney must have really loved her husband and she's devastated by the split. It's even worse for her because she has everyone muttering "told you so." She did what quite a few people do after a break-up: she reclaimed her single status and went clubbing. But again, everyone started tutting and asking about the children. The truth is, the children were probably at home being cared for. Not like many of the kids in Britain today who are home alone while their parents go out getting drunk!

Britney checked in for rehab and lasted 1 day. That's because her heart isn't in it, yet. She needs the anaethetising qualities of drink or whatever it is that's propping her up.

We should cut Britney some slack and let her drop gracefully out of public life until she's ready to face celebrity again, if ever.

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