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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hey laggards - get into the blogosphere

Yo, calling all you 30 and 40 somethings. Where are your blogs, your profiles on Myspace?

Reason I ask is that I've carried out an exhaustive search on Myspace and can't find hardly anyone I know, which, considering that I work in the technology industry, is a bit damning! We should all be role modelling here....

I was hoping to find my lost penpals (see an earlier posting in archive) but I doubt if they're posting in their maiden names. Should anyone know of Cheryl Morris from Mass, US (I can't even remember whereabouts), Karen Walker from Swindon and Julie Cox from Pevensey, Gail Tyler is still looking for them!

I realise that Myspace has a young age seems very big among teenagers and 20 somethings. Bit galling in fact to find your only friend is "Tom" when lots of people have dozens of friends and they're all having a blast.

Still, I seem to be making some friends at my other new site, mybloglog, which I belatedly discovered some months into trying to promote this wretched blog. Hi to any of you guys who are visiting!!


David Hodges said...

Don't know why you wouldn't have a ton of friends, Gail. Your profile is utterly charming and intriguing and you seem outgoing and friendly. Hey everybody! Check out Gail! said...

Nice Blog...
(Came here via that chile thing... spicypage or something :) )

Chingford after Plymouth eh?
Is John ex-RN or did you meet him in London.

If you keep pestering me over the next few months, I'll give you some tips on getting visitors to your blog and boosting your Google Adsense revenue.

Can tell you are a journalist, nice style of writing. Don't go near my blog, you'll hate my grammer !!!