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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Circle

J was crestfallen. Two key items had fallen off his "circle," as I call it: a Saturn-style ring around his head that at any one time could contain the following items: new car; new TV; new heart rate monitor; latest marathon; better broadband.

And in one week alone he had lost three items!!

1) New car, after grudgingly agreeing we should become a one car family; 2) new TV, after we finally bought one (although we have yet to put the glasses on....), and (3), better broadband after BT Infinity got installed.

So I was worried on J's behalf. A man without projects is not a man worth knowing.

Fortunately, a change of heart about the car meant I came home to find J with his nose in an Audi brochure. We haven't even become a one car family yet but the thought of sharing my "ute" (utility) is filling him with dread. So his weekends will revert to test drives and visits to dealers.

I'm expecting  "new heart rate monitor" to join the circle as he's been grumbling about his strap.

As for me, my circle currently includes bulbs - I am about to order the spring selection; autumn fashions - I have decided to heed the advice of Grazia and buy a few key pieces including an aviator jacket and a camel coat and wild swimming, after I saw a TV programme about it and then bought the book by Roger Deakin.

Molly's circle never changes. It's two things: blue tits and Felix As Good As It Looks.

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