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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Things that bother me

Trending well on Twitter UK today was the theme "things that bother me".
Contributions included: printers running out of black ink first, bad grammar, people not showering and people who drive Range Rovers. All good fodder.
Off the top of my head, my list - not in any order:
1) People who, joining the motorway, try to overtake you on the inside lane when you actually moved out to let them get on;
2) When the tines of a fork get stuck in the cutlery tray of the dishwasher when you're trying to unload it;
3) Misplaced apostrophes;
4) People walking right behind you;
5)Websites which, after entering your order and credit card info, suddenly throw up error messages. Has your order gone through? Nah. In that case, I won't bother.
6) Websites that allow you to order when they are out of stock.
7) The Daily Mail
8) Christmas in August
9) People who ask you for URLs the whole time without using Google;
10) Being ambushed by charity collectors. As a responsible citizen, I support 2 charities by direct debit,  the Big Issue seller outside Budgens and numerous sponsored walks/silences/marathons by friends and relatives. I am forever donating clothes and books to charity shops. Yet when I go to Sainsbury's, not only do the cubs expect money for packing my bags (which I don't want them to do, as they put potatoes on top of raspberries), but there are two different charities outside the entrance. Stop already! And then people come to the door and look affronted when you won't put money in their tin.
11) Training courses which inevitably have some ghastly acronym you're supposed to memorise, eg: "TACIT" - tact and coaching impact training  (I made that up). Plus any reference to people being "authentic".

As you can see, I have started to get into my stride with some of the big issues. What bothers you?


Daph said...

Loud music blaring from cars, tinny iPods on trains and car alarms going off at night

Chris said...

1) People who don't join motorways fast enough. The number of times I've been stuck on a single lane slip road trying to joing the motorway at 40mph because of some idiot infront of me is scared of using the acceleration lane to do what it's name suggests.
2) Or a fork or similar implement dislodges itself in a cutlery drawer meaning it won't open
4) Slow people walking right infront of you, or people stopping in the middle of a busy street without any warning
7) The British Media in general
10) Yep, the big issue man outside my local tescos swears at people if they tell him no.
I've also has charity collectors follow me down the road asking me why I can't stop and chat as chat is free... yes, but my lunch break isn't... go away

More of my own:
-Motorway matrix signs - always telling you to beware of the motorcyclist/animal/drink instead of the huge queue you're about to join
-Arrogant people who drive using thier phone. No excuses, no exceptions. You think you're special and can break the law, risk peoples lives and cut me up?!
-Tourists - you're too slow
-Shutting my front door and realising I left something inside I need
-The customer service at my gym obviously (see my blogs)
-Katie Price

I could go on... but I'm starting to wind myself up, so I won't!