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Friday, August 06, 2010

Food Glorious Food?

Is it too much to ask that our food is pure and unadulterated?
I ask the question in the week that cloned beef found its way into the foodchain, but that was really the tip of the iceberg. I read recently that bread is nowhere near as blameless as it looks. Those "baked on the premises" claims are often very wide of the mark because dough is made up, frozen and then shipped all over the UK.
But, an even more sinister development is that bakers routinely add cocktails of enzymes to bread, which gets them around the laws on using preservatives. These enzymes are just as bad, but they don't have to be declared on the packaging. This explains why the sliced loaf you buy on a Saturday is still soft and spongy a week later. And have you ever noticed how fat is added to bread? I can understand now why artisan bread is so expensive.
Bakers and farmers want to make profits of course. But I resent them doing it by stealth and subjecting us to unnatural chemicals, hormones and goodness knows what. I don't want to eat GM modified foods, and I'd like to think that when I study the labels I'm being told the truth.

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