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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

33/365: The motley crew

Today I moderated a webcast that went out across EMEA. It was an hour long and my role was to introduce it and then moderate the questions. These were either live in the meeting room or on the web from participants in many countries. I filtered the questions real-time and put them to the panel, who are shown here. It was fun - I enjoy doing this type of thing. It's a throwback to when I was a radio journalist and all sorts of things used to go wrong. Fortunately nothing went wrong today.
Now regular readers may have noticed that comments have disappeared from posts. I was baffled because I hadn't changed any settings. Some research revealed that Haloscan, whose widget I was using, have now decided to monetise their service. No-one had emailed me about it, and presumably they made my code redundant. I have now attempted to install their new offering, Echo, but the Blogger plug-in doesn't work and I'm no expert on HTML, so until I fix it, the comment box on the right will have to suffice. Please don't let it put you off.

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