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Thursday, February 11, 2010

42/2365: Film Buffs

At this time of the week we usually get the exciting email from Tesco DVD rental club telling us which two films are being despatched for our weekend viewing  (Love Film but with Clubcard points.)

Sometimes there's a faux pas where I forget to send back the films and then we have to resort to our library (pictured.)

It's amazing that we can ever find a film to enjoy together because we have very different taste. I don't like anything with Jedi, people dressed as animals, the CIA, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, Robin Hood, round tables and knights, most musicals and women wearing bonnets (Jane Austen.)

J doesn't like translated films or anything with too much angst; too much true life; zombies.

So whereas a Lars von Trier or translated film is often right up my street, as is a good zombie film, J prefers Star Wars, James Bond and Bourne type things.

Fortunately he doesn't mind chick flicks, within reason (he wouldn't like The Devil Wears Prada.) We usually get one film each week that we can both enjoy. Last week it was The Damned United, the film about Brian Clough. Not sure what it will be this weekend, haven't had the email yet. Now, did I remember to send the last two back?!

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