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Sunday, February 14, 2010

45/365: Do you remember Zam Buk?

This curious green salve, smelling strongly of eucalyptus, was always in our home when I was a child and used for everything. Then it disappeared for many years and I forgot it existed. About 10 years ago my mum and I went to Bygones in Torquay, a museum with "how it used to be" tableaux, and we fell about laughing when we saw a tin of Zam Buk in one of the rooms. Out of curiosity I googled it and found you could still get it South Africa, where they seemed to extol it as a balm for horse's hooves. I asked a colleague of mine in Johannesburg, Fathima, to bring some over when she visited, and she did. Everyone had Zam Buk Christmas tree presents that year. Since then I've discovered you can now buy it in the UK from all sorts of places. The Zam Buk website is here. Rather excitingly, there are even Zam Buk brand extensions! Today I've been smoothing it onto my poor nostrils, having developed yet another cold and having a rather sore snozz.

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