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Sunday, February 28, 2010

59/365: I Turn Philatelist

When I tell J that I've been buying stamps, he usually thinks rubber stamps and invariably says "not another one". But this time the stamps I've been buying are from the Royal Mail, and postal in nature.

It started when an art challenge asked for work featuring postage people. I'd never heard of it, but Googled it and found a whole art genre. That time I was able to use a US stamp which came on a package (bearing rubber stamps as it happens.)

Then I saw some darling stamps featuring the Tudors (not the TV show) followed by some stamps showing classic albums (Ziggy Stardust clinched it) and then icons of London: a tube map, a Routemaster bus, Twiggy and so on.

Here you can see some of my postage stamps displayed. They are not going on letters: I'm  using them in collages. I used some of the albums collection in a birthday card today. And if you visit my craft blog, you'll see what I did to Queen Elizabeth 1.

I had a stamp album when I was a child, given to me by my brother, but I never really got into it. I didn't want to spend my precious pocket money on stamps. You may remember that a dubious outfit from Goole in Yorkshire used to advertise "free stamps!" in children's comics, and I sent off for some of these. They were mostly triangular stamps from Fiji. Very pretty. But then I started getting sent stamps on approval and had to get my mum to write to Goole and tell them to stop sending the stamps.

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