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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

109/365: Magazine treat

Our upcoming nuptials have reinstated an old treat for me: perusing the bridal magazines. Although I won't be wearing a white gown this time, or having  bridesmaids, I've still been buying all of the magazines which hasn't gone unnoticed by J. In my defence I tell him he's lucky I'm not obsessed by shoes, like some women. Plus I have given up on all the craft magazines except one. With our date approaching, I only have one more round of bridal magazines to go. Sigh. In a perfect world, I would have had a job on one of these magazines. I did try, years ago, when I'd qualified as a journalist and spent 8 years in print and radio. Sadly Sandra Boler at Brides Magazine didn't think I had suitable experience, although I tried to explain in the letter that my passion for the subject coupled with sound journalistic experience would be an ideal combination. But it was not to be. On balance, I may have got tired of the Juliet caps, guipure lace and stephanotis (3 things that were madly popualr the first time I got married!) by now.
Were you ever rebuffed from a perfect job?

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