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Friday, April 09, 2010

98/365: Quackers

Yesterday was a lovely day, sunny and mild, with more of the same today and the promise of a good weekend. What bliss. The tulips are all coming out in a riot of colours and the blackbirds are building a nest again in the back garden.

It would appear that the snail which attached itself to my car about a week ago has disappeared: probably dropped off dead owing to lack of sustenance, or was traumatised after numerous trips to Swindon and Winnersh. I know I am. (Three hours to get home last night.)

I was hoping to get a picture of the snail but its disappearance put an end to that. Instead here are the ducks in the pond at work. It's a weird grainy quality, somewhat painterly. I'm studying the camera to see what's happened with the settings. (Any suggestions? "Motherhood" DVD on offer as a prize!.)

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