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Friday, April 02, 2010

91/365: Watercress and pear soup

When I get time, I like to make my own soup. Last week I caught the last few minutes of a programme on BBC2 called "Grow Your Own Drugs" (silly title) and was attracted by the recipe for restorative watercress and pear soup, which you can find here:
Anyway, I made a few slight changes: I didn't have any spring onions so used a red onion, and I didn't like the idea of adding raw pears and watercress to the finished soup so I cooked them gently for just a few minutes.

And the result? Delicious. A nice gingery tang and the potato makes for a rich silky soup soup. Definitely one to make again, and low calorie having totted up the cals on  Nutracheck.

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