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Sunday, April 18, 2010

106/365: Mellow yellow

The back garden looks good at this time of year - there's a lot of yellow and the tulips are all coming out. As the spring progresses, I try to restore colour with plenty of containers but having a two week holiday early in June means I have to be careful about those which need too much water, so we never have as many as I would like. I find that when we get back from holiday, most of the best plants have gone from the garden centres.

I am hoping to try growing some dahlias this year. I particularly like the "Bishop" varieties with the dark leaves and dark red blooms.

I'll also be growing some fuchsias. When I was young I hated them, thinking they were overblown and kitsch. Now I love them for those qualities.

The "front garden" is just a flower bed and border. The flower bed has 12 roses, three varieties, and the border shrubs and bulbs. The roses look really healthy at this time of the year - all the same size and growing vigorously. I'll be a bit more judicious with the Rose Plus this year. Last year I gave them too much in May and while we had a magnificent display of flowers in May/June, they were exhausted until August.

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