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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

96/365: Danger! Do not watch this film

I have seen a few dire films in my time. Stinkers which readily come to mind include Fool's Gold, with Matthew McConnaughey (anything with him is usually a stinker); Christine, a horror film about a car with a mind of its own and Withnail & I, which is a real divider. Some people love it, others can't get through more 30 minutes.

A new one to add to the list is Motherhood, starring Uma Thurman.

I'm spitting feathers that I actually bought it because we had no new films to watch at the weekend and there was nothing appealing on the Sky movie channels. But I was attracted to the words "hilarious comedy" plus the charms of the leading lady.

In a nutshell, Uma used to be a celebrated writer but then she became a mother and now her life is nothing but drudgery: screaming at strangers in shops, losing use of her car because her street is turned into a film set, not clearing up her dog's poop and not having enough time to write her blog. Somewhat incomprehensibly she does manage to find time to go clothes shopping, but by the end of the day, having had enough she just leaps in her car and drives off.

Imagine a film largely based on screaming and shouting with a few gratuitous cases of innuendo, and that's what you've got. It was like an endurance test to get to the end: J gave up but I gritted my teeth and stuck it out, and predictably there is a happy ending.

Which films would be on your "danger" list?

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