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Monday, January 11, 2010

11/365: Tuning In

Like millions of others today I was waiting for 7am and the new Chris Evans show on BBC Radio 2. Usually on a Monday I'm driving to work. I listen to Sarah Kennedy until 7am because I like her paper review, and then I switch to my own music because I was never very keen on Terry Wogan. I used to like his show but it became too cosy and "TOGGED" to coin a phrase.
Today I was all set to leave at 6 and then I saw the weather forecast. It's OK here in London but not where I was going. So reluctantly had to work from home again. They'll forget what I look like.
Anyway, Chris got off to a great start I thought. There'd been a lot of speculation about what he would play. Would he play something noisy and alientate the Togs? I didn't think for a minute he would, because in his teatime show he played a wide variety of music including a Bavarian drinking song. So he didn't disappoint with two crowd pleasers from The Beatles.

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