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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

5/365: Glamour Shot

It will give me endless amusement over the next few months as my search engine stats show how hapless men have searched for "glamour shots" to be confronted with my old vacuum cleaner.

Like most people, I have been on a New Year purge, getting rid of old stuff and putting other stuff in bags and taking it to the charity shop. (Yes I did watch Mary Portas and no, I don't send rubbish to the charity shop - only things that are worth selling.)

This little group in the garden awaits its final journey to the tip, or as J calls it, "the dump". He was quite keen about the photographic opportunities that the dump would present: peering into a skip, for example.

Sadly that will have to wait another day because I didn't get round to going to the tip.

I've just filled a bag for the NSPCC with clothes and they'll collect tomorrow. Pity they state "no books and bric-a-brac", I have three bag fulls!

A cautionary note is sounded in today's papers however. Apparently we all get carried away with throwing things out in the New Year, and we regret it later.

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