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Saturday, January 02, 2010

2/365: Scaredy Cat

I was laid low by a heavy cold today so my "take a picture a day" options were fairly limited. Reminder to self: never say scathingly of an other person "only a cold".

I even missed out on my big shop at Sainsbury's and went instead to the local butcher where I paid a king's ransom for a free range chicken. Next I went to Budgens where the debit and credit card system was down so everyone had to abandon their shopping at the till and run across the road to the cash machine.

Back to the scaredy cat. This term is a good description of Molly the cat. Here she is in traditional pose, peering anxiously over the bannister to see if another cat has entered the house. It's not a groundless fear; we have found a strange cat lurking on more than one occasion.

But it seems Molly only became a scaredy cat on her move to Chingford, because when she was found in a bedraggled state in Swindon by Paula and Julie, she was terrorising their elderly cats.

She does have a friend who comes calling most mornings: a large tabby I call Thomas O'Malley. He howls very loudly outside the door, and sometimes she deigns to go outside, whereupon he follows her out of the garden, presumably hunting together. (She has been spayed so there is no funny business.) A cat's friendships are fairly short-lived however, so it's possible she and Thomas fell out this morning and that's why she was looking so fearful.

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