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Friday, January 29, 2010

28/365: Here's my farm

It has, apparently, more than 50 million players. I'm  talking about Farmville, a sweet little game that you can play on Facebook. J likes to take the credit for "introducing" me to this one in an effort to wean me off Mafia Wars, which he thinks is violent. He read an article in a daily about Farmville and thinks I only started playing it because of this.
Anyway, the game itself is very simple. You get farm cash by planting crops and with the money you can buy barns, houses, tractors, animals, more crops and so on. As you progress through the levels, you can grow different crops and you get medals for growing trees etc. You also send virtual free gifts to your friends - one of my gifts today was a hot air balloon, very sought after - and you visit your friends' farms to fertilise their crops and feed their chickens. Now one day last week, I logged on and found it very heart warming that 17 of my friends had visited and done good deeds on my farm. Heart warming indeed because of all my Farmville friends, only three are "real". The rest are all virtual friends whom I don't know. That might sound quite sad but I find it fascinating to think I have a tiny window into these people's lives, all over the world, and I can make their day by sending them a butterfly (collector's item.) Oh, and I am still playing Mafia Wars (level 206) but don't tell J!

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