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Sunday, January 24, 2010

23/365: The disgraceful craft table

After sharing with you the tidy home office, I thought it was only right you should see my disgraceful craft area. This is in the lean-to, a ramshackle leaky old thing that's more than 30 years old. On Saturdays I'm typically out here listening to Dermot O'Leary and making a postcard for Sunday Postcard Art  (see the result at: http:/ My hands get very cold because although there's a small electric heater, I prefer to use the extension socket for the radio and my embossing tool.

On the table there are rubber stamps for my current project, wet wipes to clean them, a Cuttlebug embossing machine, glue and some tins for ATC and chipboard pieces. On the floor are boxes of ribbons, embellishments and ink pads.

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