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Monday, January 18, 2010

18/365: A bumper crop

It always amazes me how the spring bulbs continue to defiantly push their way through the cold hard soil to give a spectacular display. Just a week ago, these bulbs were completely covered in snow. Every year I plant as many as I can because I tend to lose a few during over zealous weeding. I have a bed of hyacinths and love the heady fragrance. I first got the idea for mass planting hyacinths when I saw a municipal bed in Dartmouth. You could smell the bulbs some distance away. I also have a lot of narcissi, daffodils and dwarf tulips. I get so excited when they all start to flower and then we know winter is behind us.
I'm going to Paris later today for a business trip so this will be my first real challenge in terms of uploading pictures. I don't have any photo editing software on my work PC so I will need to take pictures in low res. I refuse to use a smartphone (I like to have a life) and my very basic phone doesn't have a camera.  Let's see how it goes. Paris is certainly very photogenic!

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